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Youth Leadership Programmes

We are extremely passionate about youth leadership and enabling young people to have an active voice on the key issues that affect them.

Greater Manchester’s Hidden Talent Youth Panel

Led by GMCVO, GM’s Hidden Talent is a voluntary youth employment programme that provides 1:1 holistic employment support to the very hardest to reach young people. As a partner, we host the Youth Panel: a group of young people who have experienced barriers to employment and lead specific advocacy and change projects, while ensuring that the programme is responsive to the evolving needs of young people. Click here to find out more.

Manchester Social Action Programme

This programme is funded by Young Manchester and aims to engage young people of various ages in volunteering, social action and enterprise. We work closely with schools across city to embed the principles of social action in curriculums and school delivery, while supporting students in the design, planning and realisation of youth led social action and enterprise projects. The work benefits young people, their schools, and the wider community.

Health Action Champions

Our Health Actions Champions programme operates in Manchester and is for young people aged 13-25. The group come together on a regular basis to discuss topics around young people’s health and to plan ways of influencing decision makers within health services. They also provide training to other young people on health-related issues.

Girls Skateboarding

The Girls Skateboarding programme is delivered in partnership with Projeckts skatepark and uses skateboarding to engage young women in Manchester to tackle negative gender stereotyping, offer leadership courses and training with the aim of building confidence, resilience, supporting personal development and encouraging healthy choices.

GMYN Ambassadors

Our GMYN Ambassadors initiative provides care leavers with the opportunity to share their skills, knowledge and experiences. GMYN Ambassadors are participants have demonstrated leadership qualities, a passion to support other young people and a willingness to develop their skills.

“Before I got involved with GMYN, I couldn’t do the things I do now because of how shy I was…”


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