GMYN Safeguarding Policy Statement

1. Our values

  •  All abuse of children, young people and adults is an abuse of their human rights.
  • All children and adults at risk have equal rights to protection from abuse and exploitation.
  • Abuse is never acceptable.
  • We have a commitment to protecting all participants and staff.
  • When we work with partners, they have a responsibility to meet minimum standards of protection for children and adults at risk in their services/programmes.


2. What we will do: We will meet our commitment to protect participants from abuse through the following means:

  • Awareness: We will ensure that all staff and volunteers and others are aware of the problem of child and adult abuse.
  • Prevention: We will ensure, through awareness and good practice, that staff, volunteers minimise the risks to participants.
  • Reporting: We will ensure that staff, volunteers and others are clear what steps to take where concerns arise regarding the safety of children and young people.
  • Responding: We will ensure that action is taken to support and protect children and adults at risk where concerns arise regarding possible abuse.


3. How GMYN will do this: In order that the above standards of reporting and responding are met, GMYN will:

  • Take seriously any concerns raised
  • Take positive steps to ensure the protection of participants and staff
  • Support children, adults at risk, staff or other adults who raise concerns or who are the subject of concerns
  • Act appropriately and effectively in operating with any subsequent process of investigation
  • Be guided through the child protection process by the principle where the interest of the child is of paramount importance
  • Listen to and take seriously the views and wishes of participants
  • Work in partnership with parents/carers and/or other professionals to ensure the protection of all of our participants.


Actions to Take: If a young person is at risk of serious, immediate harm staff should contact the local area Children’s Services or the Police on 999. All safeguarding concerns will be reported to the DSL or deputy DSL.

Please note: GMYN policies and procedures are available to view on request.

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