Who We Are

who-we-areGreater Manchester Youth Network (GMYN) is a registered charity (reg no. 1151897).

We work to enable young people and organisations to participate, develop and achieve. We aim to do this by offering a variety of activities that will engage and empower young people and by capacity building the organisations that work with them. We work with some of the most disadvantaged young people in the country including those not in education, employment or training, asylum seekers, looked after children and disabled young people.

Young people are the primary focus for the organisation but the network also includes organisations that work with children and young people, organisations that involve volunteers and individuals with an interest in youth work.

Key strengths

Our strengths are that GMYN is a recognised, trusted and well respected organisation. Partnership is at the root of all GMYN’s projects and services. GMYN is an advocate for partnership work and this is proven by the variety of projects we deliver and the partners we have involved.

We offer transparency, equal opportunities and a chance to share our models of delivery, our skills and experience, and most importantly our passion to work in collaboration with other organisations.

We can provide access to a network of organisations via our partnership delivery, newsletter and general dissemination of information. As well as this GMYN can provide linkages for grassroots activity with strategic developments via our involvement with various strategic groups.


GMYN was set up in 2007 out of the passion that its founding members had for volunteering and the benefits it can bring, particularly for young people. Initially our focus was to bring new volunteering projects to life and support young people to access new projects and development activities. GMYN also wanted to create a network of youth organisations that could share good practice, work in partnership and give young people a voice across Greater Manchester.

Since 2007 GMYN has grown, registered as a charity and diversified the type and range of activities on offer to young people. GMYN still maintains volunteering and social action at the core of most of our projects and promotes this positive message to other partners and colleagues.

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