Where Does Your Money Go?

Your money goes to help young people across Greater Manchester.

Fran and Jade are just two of the young people GMYN has helped recently, they share their stories below.


Fran joined the Greater Manchester Talent Match Youth Panel, one of GMYN’s projects, in 2015. This is her story about how being part of the project has helped her

wdymg-Fran“Before I joined the Youth Panel I was in and out of courses, I kept failing. I was stuck in a rut. I had a lot going on in my personal life and I used to sit at home and dwell on things in my head. This led to me taking risks in my own life.

When I heard about the Youth Panel and spoke to Nat (GMYN Project Co-ordinator) I decided to get involved straight away. I was the first from my area to join and I got involved in a residential that was going on. It was a chance to speak to everyone on the Youth Panel and we were soon all supporting each other.

Being part of the Youth Panel gives me lots of things to do like testing out opportunities for other young people and evaluating the service. Nat encourages me to get involved in loads of things which keeps me on my toes and helps me keep my head. It stops me sitting at home and dwelling on things and I get to meet and help other young people in similar circumstances.

If it wasn’t for the Youth Panel at GMYN I would be proper struggling. So I wanted to say thank you for what you do, getting me into volunteering. The Youth Panel has helped me keep my head so thank you.”


Jade is part of the Health Action Champions group, one of GMYN’s projects, in Rochdale.

wdymg-Jade“Before I got involved with GMYN I couldn’t do the things I do now because of how shy I was, I have delivered speeches, I am doing my bronze DofE award, I have been interviewed by the press. I even won the Majors Youth Award 2015 for leadership.

The staff at GMYN are friendly, cool and supportive.

At my first session with GMYN I felt really shy and uncomfortable, but thanks to GMYN I am more confident. Now in meetings and sessions I am no longer shy because I know everyone and I’ve been going for ages.

Since then I have represented other young people’s views to the health services, which is really positive. I also helped our group plan and deliver fun days to improve the obesity and mental health where we live.

I would recommend GMYN to other people, which I do, I have told my friends to come along to their groups.”

Jade’s mum Rashida says “Since she has been coming to GMYN she has had a lot more confidence. She now wants to go out and is always talking about the GMYN session. She is more sociable with her friends and wants to do more stuff. Before I would ask if she wanted to do things and she would say no, now she says yes!”

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