Micro Volunteering

Micro-volunteering is carrying out small, quick actions that are very useful for us at here at Greater Manchester Youth Network.

Micro-volunteering doesn't require as much commitment as our more traditional volunteer roles and most of the actions can be done from home, or at school, the library or an internet cafe - if you've got a smart phone, you could even do some of them on the bus!

Here are some really quick things you can do to help:

  • Like our Facebook page (facebook.com/gmyouthnetwork)
  • Follow us on Twitter (twitter.com/gmyn)
  • Send the link for our fundraising page (http://localgiving.com/gmyn) to your friends and family and ask them to donate what they can
  • Talk to someone about us and tell them to visit this website
  • Like, comment on and share our Facebook posts
  • Retweet, reply to and favourite our tweets on Twitter
  • Help promote our events and activities to people who might be interested

Not quite so quick but still less than two hours...

If you've got a bit more time, say an hour or so, you could help us by proof reading one of our documents or giving us feedback on ideas for marketing materials - there are lots of things like this that would really help us and you can still do most of them from home.

We'd also welcome anyone who'd like to come into the office for an hour or two - this can be at a time that suits you and tasks might include data entry, preparing materials for activities, sorting recycling, putting up a display...this list is endless!

If you'd like to support GMYN in this way and are happy to be added to our pool of 'micro' volunteers then please register your interest using our contact form then we will send you a list of suggested actions that you can do in your own time, plus keep you up to date with new actions or specific tasks that we need people to help with.

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