volunteeringGreater Manchester Youth Network relies on people who volunteer their time to support our work.

We are looking for people from across the region who are passionate about helping young people to change their lives.

We provide a range of training and development opportunities and work with all volunteers to make sure you get the maximum benefit from your experience with us. Reasonable travel expenses will be provided.

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    Case Study - Neeve Wilson

    1. What did your volunteering involve?

    "My volunteering involved photography during a workshop for organisations in Bury. The photos will help to record the outcomes of the session and to promote GMYN, Talent Match and the job role of the Volunteering Development Officer."

    2. What skills did you use or learn?

    case-study-neeve"I used my photography skills, perspective of my shots and when to take them. In this case, group work or conversation."

    3. What did you enjoy about the experience?

    "I enjoyed the fact i could put my skills to work and its a good way to get better at something I love. I also got to work with and around new people."

    4. Has anything changed as a result of your experience?

    "It has helped me work on my anxiety more and my issues with confidence by getting me out of my comfort zone."

    5. Are you planning to do any more volunteering in the future?

    "Most likely. I wouldn't mind doing more voluntary work."

    6. What would you say to anyone thinking about volunteering themselves?

    "I would say do it. Its a good way to get experience and get to know people without the pressure of work and it also gives back to the community."

Student Placements

We are able to support a small number of student placements each year. If you are interested, please contact us a minimum of 3 months in advance with full details of your placement and why you are interested in completing it with GMYN. We will then respond and let you know whether we are able to support you at that time.

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