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Please vote for Boots and Beats at The more votes we get, the more funding we receive to continue the project! The youth unemployment rate among 16-24 year olds in Manchester is over 22%. Boot and Beats engages young people through football and music, and tackles unemployment by connecting our participants to volunteering, training and mentoring. We are part of Manchester City FC’s Cityzens Giving campaign and your votes ensure we can continue supporting our young leaders and young people next year

Boots and Beats to open a second site!

boots-and-beats-launch-new-site-03Our youth project set up to tackle youth unemployment through football and music has been so successful it’s opening a second site.

Boots and Beats, a Wythenshawe based project designed to tackle youth unemployment in Manchester is to open up a second site at Moss Side Powerhouse. From Tuesday 5 April 6-8pm young people aged 14-25 can enjoy music and football based activities alongside receiving support with young person related topics and issue based workshops.

Boots and Beats is delivered by young leaders from Greater Manchester Youth Network who aim to make a positive difference to other young people in the local community by providing opportunities and greater access to employment, education and training.

Funded by Manchester City Football Club’s Cityzens Giving campaign and delivered by Greater Manchester Youth Network, the project incorporates music and DJ workshops, performance and social space, 5-a-side football, coaching and training opportunities.

In the build up to the launch we have run a successful pilot scheme at the Moss Side Powerhouse where an average of 40 young people have attended each week to participate, this is set to increase to average 60 young people aged 14-25 through the doors on a Tuesday night.

The Moss Side Powerhouse is a meaningful venue to the local community. Young people feel they can easily access the building and the services provided. The project is supported by 15 young volunteers aged between 18 and 25 that form the Leadership Team. Their role is to help facilitate sessions by creating activities and games for the young people to engage with and support as a peer mentor.

Martin Moran, Project Manager from Greater Manchester Youth Network said: “The project continues to grow from strength to strength and we are delighted to be able to open a second site in Manchester. Boots and Beats can have a big impact and make a difference to young lives in Manchester. We are really looking forward to delivering the session at the Moss Side Powerhouse.”

boots-and-beats-launch-new-site-02Quotes from Volunteers that form the Leadership Team:

Dan Roberts, 19, says: 'I’ve volunteered before but it’s been nothing like this, it’s such a buzz here. This project is really inspirational; working directly in the community is really meaningful.’

Billy McClure, 21, says: ‘The projects amazing, it has its challenges like trying to engage so many young people from different backgrounds but that’s part of the fun, I’m really enjoying it.’

Quotes from participants who’ve attended Boots and Beats sessions:

Marcel, 14, says: ‘The project brings young people together; I feel safe here, it’s a friendly place. I enjoy the football activities and playing 5-a-side.’

Charis, 16, says: ‘I’ve learnt new skills here playing football, it’s given me a lot of confidence. Coming here gives me something positive to do with my evening.’

Nathan Macintosh, 19, says: ‘I have been coming here to learn how to DJ as that’s what I want to do with my life, it’s really positive thing to do.’
Young people aged 14-25 who wish to participate can get involved by turning up to any session on the night.'



14 year old J becomes confident in Dj-ing and creates a mixtape thanks to Boots and Beats.

At Boots and Beats we are measuring how effective our project is by closely monitoring the individuals that attend and benefit from our project with the purpose of improving their experience and allowing them to get the best possible outcomes for them as individuals.

One of our staff DJ teachers Carlo Montone wrote a case study about 14 year old J who has been attending the project since the beginning.

carlo-dj-teacher-v2J is a very enthusiastic and pleasant individual. I find him attentive, calm, composed and polite. He has been participating in the sessions for 4/5 weeks. In this time, he has proved himself to be a very receptive student and one that I look forward to coaching.

He has only received one focused session [30.01.2016 – the rest have been shared sessions with other students] – but he has managed to learn lots in the time I have spent with him. He is becoming familiar with computer literacy, external audio/midi controllers, music production and DJ software, has displayed intelligence and an ability to obtain practical skills, whilst impressively embracing the terminology of nerdy software. One has to say, that this is no mean feat. For a fourteen year old, he shows promise.

I began by introducing J to the Ableton Mixing Software and Controller. I could tell he was interested from the beginning and he rarely leaves the station during my sessions. He enjoys the format of the system. He finds the equipment engaging and he has even broadened his musical tastes, something he may not have had the chance to do, had these sessions never existed. As a DJ, I find it particularly pleasing when teens are introduced to new genres and learn to appreciate and cultivate their music catalogue. It doesn’t always have to be ‘Rap, Hip-Hop, D&B, or Grime’. I think these sessions have helped young people such as J, see a broader spectrum and even realise that good music is everywhere and we don’t always have to like what our peers like. We can go our own way….

…..with every week, I see J going his own way.

By week two, J was revising what he had already learned and we had lots of fun collaborating and mixing with other participants.

By week three I began to tutor FX panels and the logic behind the software. He was quickly picking up how to navigate the package and how to replicate his actions from the controller, to the computer. Key-Mapping, panning, cross-fading and mouse skills included.

Week four – J started his very own Ableton Live DJ Mix. He was also given some alone time on the equipment and was given added responsibilities of teaching any younger participants that were interested. His instructions were clear: ‘Pass on what you’ve learnt from me’. {I thought this would be good for his own development and confidence. I was hoping it would make him realise how much he had achieved already and spur him on to achieve even more}.

I felt he dealt with it very well indeed. At one stage, he was coaching three young ladies at once. Those ladies are now his friends and we see them back every week taking part in all our activities.

By the end of week five, J and I had completed his mix. He had fully compiled a 60 minute DJ mix, learned to edit, normalise and render it as audio. Click on the link to listen DJ J Mix-tape!

During the studio production process J has enveloped all the following skills: Fading. FX. Automation. Controller function. Essential software tricks making life easier for the budding professional. Normalisation. Rendering. Warping.

And this is just the beginning……

Listen to J's mixtape here


GMYN's Celebration event of the year at the BBC

Greater Manchester Youth Network held their annual Celebration event at the BBC in Media City on 15th December 2015.

The event celebrated and showcased the hard work that all of the volunteers, young people and contributors have put in to make GMYN the Charity it is today.

As an Oscar themed event the main focus was short films. The projects that GMYN delivers, Boom, Boots and Beats, Carousel, Health Action Champions, NotJustA, South Youth Focus and Greater Manchester Talent Match - created individual films to be judged by the BBC and the audience on the night for a special award.

  • gmyn-celebration-event-gallery-01
  • gmyn-celebration-event-gallery-02
  • gmyn-celebration-event-gallery-03

The BBC awarded Greater Manchester Talent Match the choice award, they selected the film created by the Youth Panel because they thought it had a clear message, it showed how Talent Match supports young people and the journey the young people go on.

Our project Boom won the audience majority vote on the night with their film about the two groups Bury and Rochdale competing, the film had a positive spin with both groups saying they enjoy spending time together.

To see more films and keep up-to-date with recent news subscribe to the GMYN YouTube channel and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

Boots and Beats to be part of Manchester City FC’s Cityzens Giving campaign

Boots and Beats (A Greater Manchester Youth Network project) has been announced as one of six projects taking part in Cityzens Giving, a global charitable initiative that uses the power of football to change lives.

Run in partnership with City Football Group, whose family of Club’s include Manchester City Football Club, New York City Football Club and Melbourne City Football Club, Cityzens Giving supports young leaders in cities around the world to tackle tough challenges affecting their communities.

Boots and Beats is a partnership project delivered by Greater Manchester Youth Network (GMYN), a charity working with some of the most disadvantaged young people in the city region. This includes children in care, young carers, disabled young people, homeless young people and many others who face significant barriers. Through GMYN’s projects and support, young people are able to make positive progression in their lives.

Boots and Beats is an exciting project delivered in partnership with City in the Community combining football and music to engage young people aged 14-25 in positive activities. The aim is for young people of all abilities to participate in the project to develop new skills, gain qualifications and achieve positive outcomes in their lives. These include access and readiness for employment, training and educational opportunities as well as improved health and wellbeing.

Roosevelt Sigsbert, aged 17, is excited about getting the project underway and commented: “The project has opened doors in my life to experiences I would never before have had, such as going to the city academy and providing information to players about the project. It has really helped me with my confidence and leadership skills delivering sessions. When I first started the programme I would have said no to some opportunities through fear of messing up. I would then kick myself afterwards and get annoyed for missing out. I now just go for it and have grown so much. I have developed the ability to think on my feet, being more adaptable and flexible to mine and others needs. I have produced a music track which has opened my eyes into how music is produced and has inspired me to continue to producing music”.

Get involved and choose your cause at 

Get involved and choose your cause at


Listen to and download our new song!

‘Spread your wings’ is the the first single that Boots and Beats have produced under the record label of GMYN.

The song is written and performed by young leaders from the project and aims to encourage other young people to reach their goals and achieve their full potential.

It’s also now available on iTunes! Buy it now to support young people into employment, education and training. Money raised from the track will go back into supporting young people in Greater Manchester.


GMYN House Party! Wed 7th October - Drop in between 12-3pm

GMYN-house-party-01As part of the Spirit of Manchester Festival, you are invited to attend GMYN’s head office in Ardwick to find out more about our projects, the young people we work with and how you can get involved.

Join the party and take part in:

  • Music and Dj-ing
  • Football skills
  • Interactive games
  • Ethical products on sale
  • Activities about volunteering
  • Free buffet lunch

Register your interest at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or speak to Emma on 0161 274 3377

27 Ardwick Green North
M12 6FZ

Please note our building is not wheelchair accessible.


Volunteering Opportunity: Boots and Beats

boots-and-beats-logoProject Name: Boots and Beats

Location: Wright Robinson Gorton and alternative site - proposed location Ardwick/ Manchester but TBC

Commitment Required: Regular engagement in the project is preferred – supporting minimum of one site

Volunteer Tasks - What will a volunteer be doing? What difference will they make?:

  • Supporting staff to engage young people in positive activities
  • Supporting young volunteer leaders to develop their confidence to get involved in delivery and consultation
  • Supporting staff with onsite registration and administration duties
  • Generating ideas with young people, staff and other volunteers for how to develop the project

The project is also looking for volunteer with specific skills or interests in the following. This role would entail supporting and/ or co-delivering sessions with young people around your specialism

  • Football
  • Music, DJing, Vocalist, Producer, Radio
  • Enterprise and business
  • Volunteer promotion
  • Issue based sessions

Volunteer Person Spec – What skills, experience and attributes does a volunteer need for the role?:

  • Confidence in open spaces with larger groups
  • Experience of, or willingness to gain experience of engaging young people on a large scale
  • Experience of, or willingness to gain, experience of being in a youth setting
  • Ability to work as part of a team
  • Desire to promote integration of young people from different backgrounds and experiences
  • Ability to communicate effectively
  • Ability to develop appropriate and safe relationships with children and young people
  • Reliability and commitment to the project

For specific skill based volunteers:

  • Experience of, or willingness to gain experience of engaging groups in workshops
  • Knowledge and experience

Suitable for Yps / Age requirements?


Note 16-21 year olds will be considered Youth Leader Volunteers

DBS Required (Yes/No) and Why?

Yes – Volunteers will be DBS checked as the provision potentially will engage large numbers of young people in an expansive space and therefore volunteers could be working without direct supervision at times