Celebrations at GMYN House Party Event!

On Wednesday 7th October, GMYN opened our office doors, put up the balloons and turned up the music for our House Party event! It was well attended by different organisations around Greater Manchester.

It was good to meet new people, hear about organisations we have not worked with before and see some familiar faces.

Hannah Bell from Inspiring Learning said “It was lovely to see what you have been up to and speak with so many people with the same agenda in mind.”

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Boom Summer Activities!

Oldham group discover art and treasure!

Young people from the Oldham Boom group took part in a variety of activities over the summer holidays. Firstly they helped evaluate the Boom project by giving their thoughts and ideas.
Then 3 young people spent a day at Oldham Gallery and achieved a Discover Art Award!

A few young people joined in with a treasure hunt called geocaching around Alexandra Park, it's amazing what can be found in your local area!!

Reward trips included kayaking and a joint trip to Blackpool Pleasure Beach with the Bury group, where new friends were made!

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Bury group volunteer at ARC

The Bury group took part in a range of activities over the summer holidays. Firstly they came up with new ideas for projects that GMYN could deliver with young people. Then the group went to the Agricultural Rural Centre in Stockport (ARC) to volunteer for the day. They had been there a few months ago and were pleased to see the young people again. They helped feed the animals, did some gardening and some painting.

Well done to the eighteen young people who took part in Boom in Bury and Oldham this summer!


Boom+ Extended Thanks To Lloyds Bank Foundation

Lloyds LogoIt is with great joy that we announce that Boom+ is being funded by the Lloyds Bank Foundation up until September 2017. This will allow us to continue our vital work with care leavers in Bury, Oldham and Rochdale. We look forward to our partnership with the Lloyds Bank Foundation.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our partners in Bury, Oldham and Rochdale for their support in the previous year. Boom+ was a tremendous success as we were able to support so many care leavers, and we were only able to do this because of their support. We look forward to working with them over the next two years.

We are currently in the middle of constructing the programme for the next 6 months, so watch this space!


Young people help charity and challenge themselves over Easter

Over the Easter holidays, 12 young people on the Boom project in Oldham took part in a number of activities and challenges. They baked cakes and sold them to raise money for Dr Kershaw’s Hospice, they helped out an animal rescue centre and they did some rock climbing at Dovestone’s Reservoir. It was a very busy Easter with 12 young people taking part. 6 of these young people were new so were trying Boom for the first time. Well done to everyone!

On the 7th April, the group learnt to bake cakes and sold them to people using the Link Centre. They decided they would like to give the money raised to Dr Kershaw’s Hospice as it is a local charity. They raised £20.05. Some of the group had never made a cake before so they also learnt a new skill!

Later in the holidays, the group spent an afternoon mucking out at Haywill Animal Rescue in Glossop. One young person enjoyed it so much he said he wanted to come back to volunteer again.

As a reward trip, the group were then taken to Dovestone Reservoir with Adventure based Learning and the young people did some rock climbing near Indian’s Head!

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Boom+ group in Oldham are helping fight youth homelessness

boom plus_logo_smallA group of people from Boom+ in Oldham are creating a campaign to help tackle homelessness among young care leavers.

The campaign was the brain child of Graham Brooks, a young care leaver in Oldham, who identified that this was a major problem for care leavers.

Recent research carried out by Rebecca Coombes for the Guardian newspaper suggests "40% of care-leavers experience homelessness within the first six months of leaving local authority care."

Graham, who is now involved in the project said: “I am really excited about this project. I have had friends and family who ended up homeless. I hope the campaign we create will become a national campaign, and I hope it will make a difference."

Maryam Duale, Project Coordinator for Boom+ added: “It was important to us that the project was led by young people and that they were able to have a voice on the issues that were important to them. The young people involved are all care leavers, and they had some experience of homelessness and wanted to do something to tackle it.”

The group will be meeting once a week to try and build a campaign, for care leavers by care leavers. You can join the campaign and support it using the hashtag #Caringforcareleavers.

Oldham Activities are Booming!

Boom One_world_cafeYoung people on the Boom project in Oldham have been really busy over the half term holidays. One group spent an afternoon helping out at One World Café, which is part of the Unitarian Chapel. The young people decorated mugs and plates to donate to the café to be used by their customers.

Emma, our Boom Project Co-ordinator said, "The young people really enjoyed decorating the plates and mugs. They understood the concept of the community café and incorporated messages onto the crockery such as not to judge others and that everyone is welcome in the café."

Christine Harrop, manager of the One World Café and owner of Little Deerhill Catering, commented, "We are delighted to support the youngsters from GMYN. This is an excellent volunteer programme and we will use the
decorated pots with pride."

Later in the week the young people took part in an outdoor adventure walk with Awesome Adventures and one young person said, "I love these activities with the Boom project."

For more information about the Boom project contact Emma via the contact form.